05 Nov 2017
RDL Group Awards

RDL Group took out the top award for Trade and Services at the Wellington Region Business Excellence Awards over the weekend.

The award was bestowed upon the company for their rapid rise to success across the Wellington region over the past two years.

Selection for the award included proven project success, strong leadership, quality management, strategic marketing and a strong commitment to a healthy environment for personnel, contractors and the public.

Managing Director Benji Sneddon says that the award is a reflection of the hard work the team has put in over the past two years.

“This award is a direct reflection of the sheer amount of effort everyone has put in as a collective unit.

“We’ve faced a fair amount of adversity in a pretty tough and competitive industry, but we’ve continued to defy the odds and proven our worth.”

Founding Director David Sneddon, who formed the business back in 1991 says that the progress made over the last few years is indicative of strategic success in a changing market.

“We reworked our business model and reflected on what we needed to do to remain competitive in the current market.

“It fills me with pride to see the company moving forward in leaps and bounds and I’m proud of what Benji and the wider team have achieved.”

RDL Group were also finalists in the Young Business Person of the Year category, with Benji’s dedication and commitment to business recognised among three other high performing young business people.

25 Sep 2017
Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 2.49.06 PM

RDL Group is deconstructing the 11 story earthquake damaged Revera House building in central Wellington. The soft-strip has now been completed and the remainder of the deconstruction will be completed using cut and crane methodology.

22 Sep 2017
Countdown Sep 17

RDL Group successfully undertook internal strip out of non structural elements, before the deconstruction of external areas at Upper Hutt and Masterton Supermarkets. Work was undertaken while the supermarkets were open to the public, so careful consideration around safety and environmental control needed to be implemented.

21 Jul 2017
Chimney Removal

RDL Group has undertaken many residential concrete chimney deconstructions throughout the Wellington region. Concrete chimneys and unsecured masonry is one of the leading causes of damage in an earthquake.

10 Mar 2017
Stokes Valley Demo

RDL Group successfully demolished the old library to make way for the new Stokes Valley Community Hub! The new hub will feature multiple facilities under one roof, including the library, hall, toy library, community house and Plunket. 

14 Dec 2016
Demolition commercial Paraparaumu

RDL Group was tasked to undertake a controlled deconstruction and demolition of a commercial building to make way for a new Spotlight complex which RDL has also been engaged to build.

RDL group successfully deconstructed and demolished the building, and safely removed hazardous material from the structure and the land it was built on.

The building was located in a highly trafficked business area and required numerous control measures to ensure safety and efficient operation in a high risk area.

28 Nov 2016
Woodward st

RDL Group undertook the full demolition and deconstruction of this 4-story building on Woodward street in Wellington.

Our team of experts skillfully deconstructed each portion of the building ensuring precision and adherence to a high level of project planning.

The building was within a highly trafficked retail area and pedestrian route, so strict control of public access around the site was crucial.