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The Details

RDL Group and Augusta Capital joined forces to bring residents of the Kapiti region access to the one of the largest and most popular retailers in New Zealand.

The new 2000m2 modern building is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It boasts a vast open space shopping experience, with ample parking and easy access for all.

The building features cutting-edge construction and design methods, including an engineered gravel raft, protecting the building from a one in one hundred year flood and provides comprehensive seismic strengthening.

With the site located in a commercial/retail zone in the district plan, impact to traffic is very limited, helped by the new highway which bypasses the area.

RDL Group Director Benji Sneddon, says “ This is an exciting project for us and we’re thrilled to be contributing to the development of the Kapiti area.”

“The building features many cutting-edge engineering and design solutions, which we have relished the opportunity to turn into reality”.


About The Project